Basket Makers and Willow Growers

We use our organic, home grown, naturally colourful willow to make a variety of baskets and fun willow items. We also produce basket making kits and more recently two books: Willow Projects for Beginners and Willow Projects: 15 Beautiful Designs For The Home (see below). We exhibit at various events throughout the country and some local outlets. You can find out more about us and where to find us on these pages.

Willow Projects for Beginners

This full colour book will get you started in willow weaving, with 17 projects showing you how to make a wide variety of baskets and willow art. It includes detailed, step by step instructions for every project, with each instruction illustrated with a colour photograph. This book will enable you to take those first steps, with no previous experience or aptitude needed. Wendy Thorner is an experienced basket maker, teacher  and willow grower, and has previously shared her knowledge through the very popular ‘Make This Willow Basket’ series of willow kits, many of the instructions of which appear in this book. No special tools are needed, and advice is given as to where to purchase the willow and how to prepare it.

Volume 1 in the Willow Projects series.

Willow Projects: 15 Beautiful Designs For The Home

For those with just a little basket making experience, this is the book to take you to the next level, with new skills and techniques clearly explained by Wendy Thorner, an experienced and professional basket maker, teacher and willow grower. There are 15 beautiful and innovative projects to choose from and over 450 colour photographs illustrating the detailed instructions every step of the way.

Volume 2 in the Willow Projects series.

Wendy is currently working on her third book: Willow Projects For The Keen Basket Maker. Find out more on Facebook.